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Earth Moves Culture and Inclusion Workshops in Schools

Earth Moves team have worked in many primary and secondary schools  and further and higher education establishments .

Schools and Adult Education Projects

Multidisciplinary arts approaches to learning about ancient history mythology and multiculturalism.

Workshops in arts , drumming, and dance culminates in a show that demonstrates the work, that has an overarching theme.

Children/ adults are taught various moves and then a dance/theatre /art piece is constructed around ancient mythologies/stories. We will help children to produce sculptures and 'artefacts' if requested. 

Artists, drummers and dance teachers collaborate on projects with children. Dance, drumming techniques and artwork of the particular civilizations can be taught.


Artists, drummers and cultural/archaeological experts can be included in a package, to suit the needs/curriculum/budget of each group.

Projects can last for one session, to a series building over weeks.

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Dance workshops in Schools and Community Groups 

Fun belly dance or Bollywood workshops teaching the basics of dance.

Dance for fun, relaxation,  and confidence-building.

Turkish dance

Egyptian dance

Bollywood dance

Egyptian Raks al Sayya- Stick dance for boys, girls and adults, A mix of cultural dance and martial arts....

Bollywood Dreams

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Art, workshops Around urban, natural and spiritual themes.

'Thank you for your hard work with our children and parents.’   Granby Children's Centre

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