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Earth Moves Young Environmentalists Project

Funded  by 

Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside

The project will consist of a series of workshops and activities led by young people that will provide education, and encourage environmentally conscious behaviour,

We will focus on raising awareness of climate change we will involve media so young people have a voice and a chance to influence. important? We define a connection to nature as the way people identify with predominantly natural landscapes and the relationships they form with the elements in that environment the relationship people have with nature, tends to have an emotional component.

 Young  leader Josh Banks explained; 'Young people are the future, these workshops aim to help us organise and implement positive environmental change, its up to us now.'

The project will be assistant managed by Josh Banks, a 19-year-old queer environmentalist, and Earth Moves  Youth Environmental Officer. 

The program looks at building community and providing mutual aid and connection for young people, 

We will engage with young project leaders who are suitably qualified and experienced.

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