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1)To provide an umbrella co-operative that generates economic activity to facilitate well-being and transformation, through a mixture of arts activities and immersion with nature, so as to promote social-ecological awareness across both rural and urban environments and communities.

2)To develop and promote economic democracy alongside social-ecological understanding and spiritual unity with the Earth.

3)To facilitate community engagement through linking creative application to environmental concerns and the promotion of progressive principles of nurturing, tolerance, compassion and connectedness.

4)To generate collective endeavours for social change and ethical communication.

5)To create cultural bridges for and between various strands of the community.

6)To promote education - and through education to facilitate awareness - and well-being projects that involve nature, the arts , crafts, dance, music, media and food growing as well as to promote spiritual, personal, community and social-ecological development.

Objectives of Earth Moves Cooperative ( How we intend to achieve our Aims)

•We offer workshops in art and nature and meditation

•We promote education and cooperative values through our online presence and networking, talks, editorials and projects

•We engage with local and wider communities and with corporate entities for training and wellbeing programmes

•We offer retreats and courses across the country and abroad to promote wellbeing

•We  promote local growing and horticulture to develop social, transformational, spiritual and ecological links

•We develop study based on ancient, local and global growing techniques

•We seek opportunities to promote, encourage and develop additional linked co-opertives and to seed and grow the co-operative community where we operate.

•We develop and engage in cultural activities and actions in the community to advance community participation and holistic well-being through the arts and in the spirit of co-operation, social-ecological development and in support of diversity.

Earth Moves additional rules of group conduct:

1.Complete honesty and transparency in all interactions

2.Respectful listening and responding in meetings

3.Giving credit where due and recognising contributions of other members

4.Not to defame or criticise EM to outsiders and promote its benefits

5.Ecological and ethical criteria considered for all purchases and engagement with others

6. Respect diversity and encourage inclusion from all aspects of society in action, words and deeds

Agreed at EMC Meeting on 17th February 2017.

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