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                            CLUB  ORIENTATION

Club Orientation has been running for over ten years. It is a loose collective of all types of artists of all ages and genres; many defining themselves as 'queer'. 

We believe in freedom of expression, audience participation and a refusal to let establishment ideas of 'normality'  guide our events.

We provide workshops in different dimensions of performance, sound, cultural dance, drag artistry, media and marketing.


Our queer vaudeville encourages those on the LGBTQ spectrum but welcomes all who feel 'different' and want a safe space to grow and develop. One of our 'Drag King for Empowerment Workshops' was recently filmed for the BBC.  Last year we were given a small grant by Homotopia for The Kings and Queens of the Underworld Show. We hosted a gay pride event in the Earth Moves greenhouse. We have provided data for a variety of academic studies and film projects looking at gender and queer research.


We have worked with asylum seekers from Sahir house, who have been traumatized. The interventions, workshops and performance opportunities we provide are helpful for psychological healing and social integration.


Club Orientation is a platform for novice performers to work with professionals and develop new skills in performance, by learning from them. Many of these performers now have successful careers in entertainment. Professional performers are encouraged to collaborate with each other to share skills and produce something new and be experimental. 


Performers have a chance to get involved with related skills of stage management, promotion, video editing, and photography. The group offers quality live photographs and videos for emerging artists, which are essential for promoting themselves.


Our mission is to extend cultural boundaries. Our workshops, performances, and classes focus on the human urge to enjoy life, which is expressed in music, comedy, dance and all creativity. Ultimately we are all diverse aspects of the one. We all have a right to express our individual natures, sexualities,  cultures, and personalities in our own way.


Kings and Queens of The Underworld show 

Presented by Club Orientation

A queer cabaret, with all the charm and eccentricity of classic vaudeville. Music, dance and quantum weirdness!

New dates coming soon!

The night features a truly fabulous gender-bending cast of international performers, avant-garde, all singing, all dancing drag and a glittering supporting cast of dancers.

An Alchemical blend of the embodied divine.

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