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Building Resilience in Challenging Times 

Thanks to  the lottery COVID FUND 

Contact us to book any of these events or find out more.


9  Jan


Xrthur Britney Joestar will take us through the technical stages of making a free film. This will include, framing, editing, and publishing, as well as graphics.

This session is a fun introduction that is accessible to all types of people including technophobes!
Learn how to make a short film on a phone or free downloadable media programs.
At Earth Moves we believe that media skills are very important in the modern world. We are really keen to empower people with this information so they can more effectively contribute their voices and opinions.

We welcome anyone to this workshop who would value and benefit from this information. We will prioritise participants who are not working or struggling financially, as well as those from the neurodiverse, BAME, and queer communities.

The more types of people have the skills to make videos and share their voices the more democracy.
Xrthur holds a master's degree in media. They have been working as a media volunteer for Earth Moves, Sahir House and Many Hands One Heart. In their home country of El Salvador, they were involved in many high-end media projects. They are now sub-editor for Earth Voices.
Part of our Lottery Building Reliance program.


11 January

Tme: 6.30-8.30pm 

 Communities and People Being Seen being Heard Free! With Tara and Mark Hudson.

Policy adviser for the House Of Lords and Earth Moves director Mark Hudson shares his wisdom.
Tara is a specialist in diversity and working with community groups. She has been working on the Covid crisis with Hackney Council as a chief communications officer.

The workshop will come in two parts, the first focusing on how you to lobby the local council including Council Officers, Councillors and local MP's.

The second part will look at ways to communicate including social media and organizing community events.
FREE to anyone involved in community groups, EM Community, low or unwaged. £20 for others.

20 January 

10 Oct

Introduction to basic online communication 

Telephone consultations; how to use Zoom, YouTube, eBay and social media.  we will also be providing instruction in small groups when it the Covid situation has eased up. Contact to book/enquire


Jan 22nd

Bois Support group on Zoom
Talk, performance, and networking.
Lindsey McKinnell (aka Social club singer Tony Smooth), will be sharing insights from her Gender Studies Masters's dissertation, which is about drag Kings.

This Zoom event will facilitate connections, making new friends, and learning more about male impersonation. We will look at why and how it is empowering it is for certain individuals.
Kings that are neurodiverse or have mental health concerns are more than welcome.
Drag Kings get down sometimes, we are so often misunderstood... We need each other now more than ever!

Earth Moves has a shockingly high percentage of Kings in its midst and we have found solidarity, comradeship, and hilarity in our genderbending. Envisaging new models of masculinity through female biology has brought with it many interesting revelations.

All drag Kings, including wannabe Kings of all genders and sexualities welcome.
NO girls allowed (preparing snacks is fine)! 


10 Oct

FREE! Introduction to The Five Ways To Mental WellbeingFree to those with an income under £17.500 a
Topics covered;
Positive Psychology
Community Environmental Volunteering for Improved Mental Well-being Movement and Improve Mental Well-being


 27th March Introduction on How to Grow and Process Healing Plants

A look at a selection of herbs that grow in UK. We will examine the healing properties and folk law of each herb, while learning how to identify, grow and dry herbs, learn how to make a tincture, herbal tea bag and smudge stick.

We will use organic herbs grown in our community greenhouse.

Free! See Less


9  j an

Free to those with an income under £17.500 and living in Merseyside, £25 to others. This course is a collaboration between Earth Moves and Wirral Lifelong Learning.
Zoom event. Link sent on booking.
Email for booking and details.
This course provides an introduction and overview that are accessible to most people.
The Five Ways to wellness is an introductory course that provides an overview, offering learners the opportunity to sample in 2-hour bites what they can anticipate exploring in the five follow up and the more in-depth Five Ways Courses.
Topics covered;
Positive Psychology
Community Environmental Volunteering for Improved Mental Well-being Movement and Improve Mental Well-being

16 Hilltop Avenue, London, NW1 4RF


11 January

Climate Change Communities and CommonsSocial Ecological Solutions

Networking event

Earth Moves invites local communities to kick start a network forum, information exchange and action planning to seek social ecological solutions for the future of our local neighbourhoods and environments.

Register an interest today to have your say.

Venue TBC

See Less


march 6th 11th

Transformational Dance An event of healing dance improvisation and transformation to world music. 

16 Hilltop Avenue, London, NW1 4RF

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