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Dance workshops, Classes and Performances

We offer community and professional dance tuition,  classes and performance for schools, team building and special events.

Dance offered are ' Conscious'  Dance,  Routines for Teams, Bollywood dance, Middle Eastern Healing dance, Burlesque for confidence and fun and Belly dance. 

Please visit  BellyDance Merseyside  for details of local Belly Dance and Bollywood classes and workshops.

 These sessions are great fun. There is a lovely atmosphere and I always leave feeling really re-energized, like I can take on the world! I am naturally quite a shy person and had worried beforehand about feeling self-conscious but these fears quickly went at my taster session. 

 It's great for toning up & a natural confidence booster. Don't feel worried if you are going alone as I do and most of the other ladies seem to be. Also there is a mix of ages, shapes & sizes so please don't let body image put you off.


Transformational Dance, performance and movement

Workshops, and classes.

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