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Grow, Cook Eat! 2022/23

Over The project, we hosted two co-design sessions, two planting days and 15 community meals!


We planted, harvested, cooked and served food from around the world, everything from Ethiopian curry to Italian sourdough pizza.


Our community meals were aimed at bringing different cultures together over food, the events were as follows: Foraged stew, Halloween soup, Veggie Christmas meal, Bengali lunch, Moroccan meal, Jewish lunch, Ethopian meal, Mexican bean stew, Italian pizza making day, Welsh afternoon tea, Scouse lunch, summer salad harvesting and eating.


We have memorialised this amazing project in a community co-designed cookbook, which you can access online for free.


The Earth Moves site at Telegraph Lane can be accessed by foot and bicycle from Bayswater Road, turning onto Green Lane and walking up the lane for 480 meters. It is also within walking distance from the North Wirral Coastal Car Park on Green Lane, Wallasey CH45 8NA. There is no public car parking at the site itself, bicycle parking is available.

Funding for this project is thanks to the National Lottery to support voluntary and community organizations delivered through Community Foundations for Merseyside. Thanks also to Wirral Council.

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