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Back to Nature – Forward to Life

 Is a community collaborative media venture from Earth Movies, a participatory project of Earth Moves Cooperative

Production designed by the Earth Movies Community Film Group to lift spirits during the Covid 19 pandemic and to celebrate Earth Moves Cooperatives new community land project on Telegraph Lane.

Filmed on the Wirral at various locations in Wallasey and on Telegraph Lane, Leasowe. 2020

Dream of Green -Compilation of Events

Watch our events from the past year. Join in the fun and gain an overview of the many wellbeing, performance and creative events.

Our Recent Work

Women's Circle

Women's exclusive workshop of well-being 

Fairytales in the Greenhouse

LGBT+ event with Lady Sian

Previous Videos

Cooking Clean Workshop

Food cooking and health workshop  by Jane Mullen

Drawing the Goddesses

Drawing and informative workshop on the World Museum  

Divine Femine Workshop

Meet Goddesses from different cultures

Print and Meditation

Print and meditation workshop with toc at the greenhouse

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