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Peter Rix

From a film and video background Peter has evolved community and education arts projects in London, North Wales, Preston,

and on Merseyside. His strong belief in the value of releasing people’s creativity to explore personal and collective insight and

transformation has led him in diverse directions in the design and delivery of cultural experiences.


Peter has a BA in Film and Video (WSCAD 1986) and an MA in Multi-Media and Interactive Arts (LJMU 1999).


With a background in facilitating workshops in schools and colleges and through his work with galleries, community venues,

museums, and the heritage sector, Peter has developed a broad set of resources to draw upon. This has seen him take on and

facilitate disability arts projects and multi-cultural and intergenerational initiatives. As well as this, Peter has collaborated on projects that feature art-form fusions, animation, live theatre, dance performances, land art, and projects relating to the environmental, social, and economic arenas. Peter worked on cultural and creative projects with Denbighshire and St Helens Councils, galleries, and museums across north Wales and was an education officer at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston. He also held a post as Head of Art at Mencap’s Pengwern College near Llanelwy.

Peter is a director at Earth Moves. His responsibilities include business development, creative direction, and environmental and heritage concerns.


Peter has experience working in urban regeneration, community resilience, and local food contexts. He is interested in seeking social-ecological solutions to current predicaments. He has a keen interest in co-operative means of social and economic development. Peter worked for Liverpool Vision and Liverpool City Council and was instrumental in setting up the original Liverpool Food Alliance and negotiating partnerships and leases at Dutch Farm in Garston.

Peter deeply loves nature and landscape and earth-based spirituality reflected in ancient monuments and living cultures. He resonates with ideas that seek harmonization between peoples and the planet in mutual respect. Peter has also worked for a period as an ecological landscape gardener in Lambeth, south London.


Peter has a BA in Film and Video from WSCAD and an MA in Multi-Media Arts from Liverpool John Moores University. Peter has completed diversity faith training through Liverpool Community Spirit and has completed Action Learning Sets in Environment and Equality with Faiths for Change. He also has City & Guilds qualifications in Teaching Adult Literacy and Trade Union Representative 1 and 2 Certificates.


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