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Earth Moves Mission

Earth Moves facilitates community engagement and has environmental aims. We believe in and practice diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.

We are establishing our community permaculture base on Telegraph Lane 

We promote economic democracy alongside a social-ecological understanding and spiritual unity with the Earth. 

t Earth Moves, we tackle the complex issues of declining mental health and the environmental crisis. 
We see the value in mutual aid, working together, and grassroots authentic collaboration.
We understand the power of nature immersion and its role in healing, learning, and environmental awareness. 
We hope to provide holistic solutions to contribute to positive change.. We create interventions that tackle social isolation, unhealthy lifestyles, and ecological sustainability. 
We facilitate community engagement, linking the arts and horticulture. Creative activities such as dance and art enable people to focus on well-being, personal transformation, and immersion in nature. We do this through a variety of workshops and events,
We are advocates of Permaculture: ecopsychology and a mindful way of living.  We aim to make positive changes in the local community and individuals and advocate the ' act local,' think global maxim.
We are a grassroots community cooperative, adhering to cooperative ethics and principles. 
We advocate holistic, self-empowered, and creative ways of learning, focusing on the importance of community.

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