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Belisama tee, black and green

Great quality cotton tee in Black. S/M/L

Earth Moves Smudge Sticks and Mugwort Tea 

Our herbs are grown organically in our community project. Our herbs grow in the presence of meditation and drumming sessions, so absorbs good vibes!

Choose  Sage or Mugwort smudge Sticks Size - inches long approximately.

Mugwort is a magical and multidimensional plant. Also known as “dream weed”, for its unique ability to stimulate dreams. Used as smudging herb it can create positive energy, remove negative energy and induce lucid dreaming and visions.

White Sage removes negative energy, disinfects and creates spiritual vibrations.

Mugwort tea 50 gram


Earth Moves

White Tee

Good quality fruit of The Loom Cotton Tee with Belisama logo.

Original Art Print. By or facilitated by, artist Tony O'Connell- 

Buy unique artwork from the Greenhouse,  ecologically produced. Each one a different expression of plants from the greenhouse. Beautiful and charismatic.The photo is an example and what will b  sent not an exact copy, as all are different. Contact us if you need these professionally framed. (A4).


Belisama Mug, be inspired as you drink!

Earth Moves Tote

'Belisama' By Tony


Limited Lino Print. The Goddess of The Mersey, serves all the  diverse people in her area. Size A4. Please let us know if you need professional framing.

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