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Services and Projects

We provide educational, well-being, creative and ecotherapy events and services.

Our site at Telegraph Lane has hosted a  range of cultural, artistic, and well-being activities. 


We have applied many practical techniques that look at dealing with flooding and drought when growing food plants organically.

We can provide events and consultancy for your organisation. Contact us to discuss.

We hold events that connect others to nature to improve communication, mental wellbeing, resilience, self-reflection and environmental awareness.

This space is multi-functional in a permaculture sense and supplies a  space for nature immersion, food growing and conservation.

Our four-acre site is used for activities around dance, arts, and well-being events such as meditation, yoga, and retreats. We envisage the space as one that provides a sanctuary to those who need it.   

We hold many educational and transformational events with  various experts.



 Projects and Themes

Our not-for-profit educational status commits us to educating community groups to ultimately form networks and mutually support cooperative structures.


Visits to ancient archaeological and spiritual sites to connect with the energy, culture, and Earth-based spirituality of our ancestors.


We offer team building based on the arts, dance, meditation and nature immersion.


•Transformation workshops - Dance, art, ecopsychology and ecopsychology. Meditation, relaxation, stress management.

•Art as transformation - create your own art, art as a spiritual practice, art to reflect on the unconscious and as a revelatory tool.Permaculture and horticulture. and food growing.

Growing and processing healing herbs.

Dance and Movement - ‘Move and Grow’ - 'Dance for Health.’ 'Leading Moves’- using the body to display confidence and authority.

‘Grow for Health’ - Growing plants as therapy

•Performance workshops- Performance for transformation

•Performance events - Uplifting performances, Inspired by plants and nature

•Drumming - for stress relief, healing and creation of community

•Projects with food networks- including recycling food waste through community composting

•Team building - Services to Corporate, Community and Business Customers

•Network and Cooperative Hub.

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